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Jumat, 05 Agustus 2011

Produk Terbaik Harga Murah Indonesia Cream Perawatan Kosmetik Wajah Skin Care TEAK 123 Best Teak Garden Furniture Manufacturer Wholesale in Indonesia

TEAK 123 is a company that provides completion of furniture in your houseTEAK 123 best teak garden furniture manufacturer wholesale in IndonesiaOf course, to decorate your home that will support the necessary equipment in the beauty of your home. Professional and quality and the guarantee will be given to you when you call bias suit your needs.

Furniture provided by this company based identity. Teak used is high quality teak so that the expected results for our highly qualified products. Please be aware that Teak is a plant that has the strength, durability, high quality furniture for all purposes in your home.

Yes, Indonesia is very well known to have a tropical rain forest that can produce a very strong wood. The quality of teak in Indonesia is very different from what exists elsewhere. Characteristic of Indonesian teak furniture is what ultimately makes you very strong.

For additional information that Indonesia has a great craftsman craftsmen carve or sculpt in the affairs of all the craft-based anything. As one very famous place with its wood crafts hallmark adalaj Jepara. Yes, Jepara is a field for gathering the great craftsmen of teak wood. It is certain that given the quality is top quality world-class no two her.

Teak 123 as a friend here present your home to determine the various needs of you who want the comfort and beauty. You need not hesitate to us, for a guarantee and competitive prices without compromising quality is our priority to continue to grow. TEAK 123 Best Teak Garden Furniture Manufacturer Wholesale in Indonesia.

For those of you who need a chair or table and other wood-based that will accompany you while relaxing in the garden or on the beach or in the yard. TEAK 123 ready to provide you with information and consultation fit what you need.

The product from TEAK 123 whose produce best teak garden furniture manufacturer wholesale in Indonesia among others, teak table, Teak chair teak lounger, and many more. 

For more Information please contact us:

Company Name : TeAK 123
Contact Person : Ms. Dwi N. , Spd.
Ms. Yanti, SE
Mrs. Sylvia, SE
Factory 1- Teak Outdoor : Jl. Proklamasi #17 – Bondo – Mlonggo – Jepara
Factory Manager : Zahari, ST
Factory 2- Teak Outdoor : Ds. Kedung Lamping – Mlonggo – Jepara
Factory Manager : Suprianto
Phone : +62-81 222 123 123, +62 81 214 000 123
Fax : +62-231- 237788
Website :
E-mail :,
Skype : hawanove
YahooMessenger : ,sylvia_sjiulan
MSN : ,
Production Capacity : 20 x 40” containers / month
Delivery Time : 45 – 75 days
Payment Term : At sight irrevocable LC, T/T with 40% DownPayment, CAD
Export Markets : France, Italy, Belgium, Germany, South Africa, USA, etc
Brand Name : Mega collection, TeAK123

Yup there is i recommended TEAK 123 as Best Teak Garden Furniture as  Beat Teak Furniture Manufacturer as Best Indonesian Furniture Wholesale. Thanks... :)


FootNote on 25 Agustus 2011 19.05 mengatakan...

Semoga menang gan di kontes ini



Farah Herbal on 3 September 2011 13.24 mengatakan...

makasih Gan... Masih newbie nih.. He.. :)
Sejauh ini baru di posisi 8 nih... Syukur2 bisa ke posisi pertama... He :)

DS Tabrani on 5 September 2011 16.16 mengatakan...

maju terus di kontes TEAK 123 best teak garden furniture manufacturer wholesale in Indonesia ini.
Semangat semangat

Farah Herbal on 23 November 2011 17.28 mengatakan...

iya nih, posisi, gak stabil, robot datang hilang, pas datang lagi nongol lagi gak jelas nih kenapa yah mbah gugel jahhaat sama aku... kontes seo teak123best teak kemudian gardenfurniture wholesale di indonesia membuat semua peserta yang di serp pny pr 2 rata2, karena kebetulan november dapat jatah update rank googel,,, kontes yang panjang jadi nguras tenaga juga yah.. sampe2 spam masuk ke email ane, pengin beli furniture.. He.. :)

houses in foreclosure elk grove village on 5 Desember 2011 21.02 mengatakan...

Useful information shared..I am very happy to read this article..thanks for giving us nice info.Fantastic walk-through.

Farah Herbal on 5 Desember 2011 21.17 mengatakan...

success for your business yourpad.. thanks for coming, maybe you need furniture to complement your house.. :)

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